Noise at startup

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I get a loud screaching noise when I start my car. It happens when the car is cold (first thing in the morning, or sat and cooled off).
It sound just about like screaching nails on a chaulkboard. Only happens for the first second or two. Anyone have any ideas what it is...or if it's killing my car?
Ohh it's a 2.3 SEL

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Somewhere else on this site there is a discussion about a "grinding noise" at startup. Seems one of the club members found out from Ford that there is a TSB regarding liquid refrigerant which finds its way into the compressor. At startup, the compressor pumps the liquid out and back into the system. Since the A/C compressor is not able to compress the liquid further, it momentarily has a hard time getting rid of the liquid refrigerant. I gather it is not harmful to the compressor, but is most noticeable in cars with the auto A/C which is automatically engaged at startup.

I was relieved to hear that it was a known issue since mine does it almost every time I start up in warm weather after a few hours of sitting.
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