Zune in 06 Fusion?

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IS there a definitive answer to hooking a non-ipod mp3 player to the factory stereo?

I dont care about controlling it through the head unit, i just want the AUX to work for it.

I have read through the whole Electronics forum and all everyone talks about is the ipod and to have ipod control, but I dont see any info on just hooking up an mp3 player.

Does ford make one?

Thanks in advance...
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The harness is PXH2FD1. I just hooked mine up today. I did have some issues with the dip switches & the unit did not work properly. I had purchased it off eBay. I called Peripheral and they were aware of the issue I was having and gave me a different dip switch settting (1,2,3,8). The only difference is that right now the display says "No Ipod c" and it could reset itself and not work or some dash lights could go goofy. They said to try it for a few days and if it works they will send out a new unit. So far it has worked. Sounds good though, I am crossing my fingers.
Actually, This is for a standard MP3 player. It gives you the RCA jacks, but no control over the player. If you are looking for one for the iPod just go to their site for the PXDP2 (with the same harness)

But, yes for non-iPod player you picked the right one off eBay.
PXDX2 w/PXH2FD1. PIE also makes one FRD04-AUX. It had an adjustable gain, but looks a little harder to hook up (splicing wires for power). Check seller Autoware302 ($80.95 shipped). He also some some generic unit for around $68.00 shipped (check his listings)
I do not believe it matters. I see no notes about the 6cd player. Best bet is to call or email which ever company you decide on and check with them.
I tried the ebay way. I would not recommend it with this unit. They do have some defective units and on top oof that, for some reason it has issues when installed in a Milan. It worked OK over the weekend but today... BAM! First it just switched to the CD player, then in the driveway my high beam indicator, oil and brake lights came on and the transmission locked into park. I unhooked it and... lights out, transmission free. I am lucky that the seller is willing to give me a refund (less shipping though) If you have a Fusion you should be OK though. I think I am going PIE.
A lot of info going back and forth. If you look on the sites, PIE has a unit for the Milan. Peripheral has a unit for the Fusion. I tried the Peripheral unit in my Milan and it gave me problems (see above post). I am looking at the PIE unit, which says it works in the Milan but does not have a Fusion listed. According to the Peripheral folks there are -4- different mfg's of this radio. Therer must be something in the programing or wiring that screws things up. If they would just come out with some accessories for these cars we could be on our merry way. I am out $12.00 because the Peripheral unit did not work. I am lucky the eBay seller is giving me a refund for the unit (but not the shipping, both ways) sternyy is correct in that the Peripheral is for the Fusion. BUT...there are some defective units and the dip switch settings are different and the display will say "No iPod c". I called Pheripherial when I tried to hook up it up in my Milan and they were going to send out a new one untill they found out I had a Milan. Then it was try this if it works OK. It didn't work. Back to square one. Looks like PIE for me. kchill, did the PIE dealer have the FRD04-AUX? That is the unit that is suppose to work in the Milan. It is on their site and I also called them to make sure. Leave it to Ford to make something that should be so simple (a radio) to complicate things.
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No problem. It looks like PIE is also confused. They have a unit for the Fusion that works/controls an iPod but won't work in a Milan !?!?. Then they have a standard RCA AUX jack (FRD04-AUX) that's is listed to work in the Milan but not the Fusion !?!? I think I will go look for a will be easier to find!
The Peripheral unit will not work in the Milan. Like I said I had problems with the unit I spoke to them and they told me to try it but it might give me wierd dash lights ect. that is exactly what happen. Notice their site does not list the Milan and PIE's does not list the Fusion. kchill, if you try the Peripheral unit in your Milan, try it our a period of a few days and make sure you can disconnect it easily. My transmission locked into park till I unpluged it. I am purchasing the PIE unit now from Crutchfield. It may be a little while before I get it since I am using gift cards from my Discover card rewards program. I will let you know how I make out though. Good luck.
I am seriously bummed out! I purchased the PIE unit from Crutchfield and as kchill mentioned it did not work in my Milan. It is listed and even called PIE first to make sure. Well it plays about 5-10 secs. and then cuts off. I am already out $12.00 from the failed Pheripheral experiment and now this. At least with that unit I did not have to cut any wires. I used Discover card points to purchase this one so I do not know what to do now. PIE said they are working on a solution and to call them next week. If Ford/Mercury would just be consistant with their product we would not have this problem or even make a unit for a retrofit! This SUCKS! I want my MP3!
WAA...WAA...WAA.. I'm telling my mommy and calling the police! I believe even with that unit you will need an adapter for the antenna since it is not a stardard antenna jack. I think this "American" car is made in some foriegn country. If I hold all the buttons down just right I can get Mexican radio! Yea..this would be hilarious if it weren't so frustrating! I am using a Belkin wireless unit right now but the wireless units are barely acceptable for sound quality and thart's when it actually works good.. This should be a simple retro fit. You would think we are trying to install a computer network or something. It might be easier to by a new MP3 player and install the car on it! Anybody out there have a single disc player laying around with AG as suffix for the model number? According to PIE my unit should work with that unit. Help me I'm melting!
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Thanks sternyy. Yea this has been a real pain in the a**. I got Crutchfield gift cards with my Discover points to buy this thing and if I return this I can only get a refund to the gift cards. Which sucks because I don't really need anything else from Crutchfield. I also sold my wired FM modulator since I was sure this was going to work. I mean I even called PIE to make sure it worked in the Milan! I have been very frustrated by this car so far, rattles, lack of accessories (fog light kit-mine did not come with them). I was all ready to buy the trip tunes from Mercury but.....they do not make one for this car and when I called Mercury to find out about them I think I was talking to a rock (probably a blond) on the phone because she gave me all kinds of answers that did answer my question. This shouldn't be so hard. I need a beer or two.
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