Zune in 06 Fusion?

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IS there a definitive answer to hooking a non-ipod mp3 player to the factory stereo?

I dont care about controlling it through the head unit, i just want the AUX to work for it.

I have read through the whole Electronics forum and all everyone talks about is the ipod and to have ipod control, but I dont see any info on just hooking up an mp3 player.

Does ford make one?

Thanks in advance...
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I thought I posts that the PXDX2 had some issues and overheated or just stopped working.

Is this the only option I have?

Does anyone know who much a radio from the 2007's would cost to buy and put in mine?
So I need a PXDX2 and a harness?

Is there a part number for the harness?
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The harness is PXH2FD1. I just hooked mine up today. I did have some issues with the dip switches & the unit did not work properly. I had purchased it off eBay. I called Peripheral and they were aware of the issue I was having and gave me a different dip switch settting (1,2,3,8).   The only difference is that right now the display says "No Ipod c" and it could reset itself and not work or some dash lights could go goofy. They said to try it for a few days and if it works they will send out a new unit. So far it has worked. Sounds good though, I am crossing my fingers.

Are you talking about the ipod one?
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Actually, This is for a standard MP3 player. It gives you the RCA jacks, but no control over the player. If you are looking for one for the iPod just go to their site for the PXDP2 (with the same harness)

But, yes for non-iPod player you picked the right one off eBay.

All I want is something I can hook up a standard MP3 player (without controlling it) or my XM radio...
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PXDX2 w/PXH2FD1.  PIE also makes one FRD04-AUX. It had an adjustable gain, but looks a little harder to hook up (splicing wires for power). Check seller Autoware302 ($80.95 shipped). He also some some generic unit for around $68.00 shipped (check his listings)

Would that work even though I have the 6cd head unit?
I just called PIE and asked if they had aunit for the Fusion and they said they are testing one, but no expected date for it to be sold.

I dont understand, they make one for the Milan and the Zephyr.

Isn't it the exact same stereo/wiring?

I know my Fusion/Milan/Zephyr shop manual has the same info for alll of them when it comes to stereo wiring, unless it comes with satellite or navigation.

I just want something that is known to work and doesnt have a track record for being defective.

I know PIE is a quality company and would prefer to use their product, but they dont have one that is listed to work with the Fusion's radio.

I just got my Zune and want to use it in my car.

I dont understand why the Milan/Zephyr PIE unit wont work in the Fusion, they both use the same part.

I just want quality instead of making a decison based on haste.
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