Zune in 06 Fusion?

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IS there a definitive answer to hooking a non-ipod mp3 player to the factory stereo?

I dont care about controlling it through the head unit, i just want the AUX to work for it.

I have read through the whole Electronics forum and all everyone talks about is the ipod and to have ipod control, but I dont see any info on just hooking up an mp3 player.

Does ford make one?

Thanks in advance...
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I thought I posts that the PXDX2 had some issues and overheated or just stopped working.

Is this the only option I have?

Does anyone know who much a radio from the 2007's would cost to buy and put in mine?

It would probably be cheaper to but a few of the above add-ons. I would guess that the Factory stereo from ford is alot of $$$. Plust you would probably need to run the input jack anyway.
Yes! :smokin:
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