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I recently put a post on 5000k hids.

I use to have a 12000k on my fog lights and the cut off was a nice purple upper beam.

But I recently replaced it with a 6000k to the fog lights and the weirdest cut off beam appears.

As I was driving home from work last night. I passed a small car where I could see my head lights on his or her rear view mirror. Then I noticed a flicking of red, purple and yellow. At first I thought it might had to been something with his mirror.

But then I end up behind a freight truck with that metal mirror like trailer and I see the same thing again.

So then I parked it in my garage and aimed the lights to the wall and turned off the head lights. Then I see the cut off which has an actual upper red, middle purple and below yellow cut off beam and the actual light is white.

I was a little upset over this, but then to think about it, thats kind of cool. But that wasnt what I was aiming for so tomm I am going to lowes and buying an O-ring control the cut off light beam to its purpose setting.

The red and yellow is coming from the projector, so if you like that effect, then deff stick with a 6000k for your fog lights.

I took some pictures but my wife needed the camara for work so it didnt give me enough time to save them to my computer
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