Year End Closeout

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We are closing out our stock for the year end. All orders between now and 12/21 will ship before Christmas.  All items have extra discounts and free shipping:

Eibach/SPC Alignment/Camber kit: 148 shipped (1 set in stock)
EBC RedStuff Ceramic Front Brake pads (DP31524C)  $60.00 shipped ( 4 sets in stock)
EBC Green Stuff Front Brake Pads (DP21524) 52.00 shipped (2 sets in stock)
EBC Green Stuff Rear Brake Pads (DP21354) 44.00 shipped (2 sets in stock)

We'll also offer additional discounts as we can on Racing Beat and Eibach products for any in stock at our warehouses.


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Hawks we just sold the last set a couple days ago. So I won't be able to get more of those in time. I can probably cut a bit better than normal deal on some Eibach's if you are interested (I need to check to make sure they are in stock at one of our warehouses though).

The Eibach/SPC alignment kit is a kit for the rear suspension that allows you to adjust the camber when you put in lowering springs.
interested in much would you sell em for with the discount?
I checked and there isn't much if anything I can do on the Pro-kit. As it stands we are making less than 15 dollars on a set of them... so not much I can do for you. So basically you are looking at the 195 plus shipping and then use the ForumRef discount code to get 3% off on our website... that's as good as I can do on the Eibach's.


Any further discount available on RB exhaust?
RB Exhaust we might have a little to move on... email me and I'll talk with you via email as that will be easiest. I'll talk to the warehouse in the morning to re-verify pricing and see what I can do for you.


I'm also interested to buy the RB exhaust. I sent you a PM today concerning shipping to Canada. Thanks.
The best quote I can get you on shipping would be what the website does. We charge just what USPS charges us... that is the most accurate for you...

We can knock the price down to about 457 but that's about it, we already have the margin rather low I just saw... I'll be raising the price for 07 because of the small margin.

We are closing tomorrow at noon... and will be closed until january 2nd... Best thing to do is put the order in through the website.. put the quoted price in the comments and we'll refund the difference for you.


^ perfect thanks. I'll check what the shipping price is now.
From that quote, that is 457 before discount, right? Then $17.00 for shipping...
are there still stocks for the EBC Green Stuff Rear Brake Pads?? and the price of 44.10 is for a pair ( a set, same thing with the listing on the site) right?
need to get brake asap, i am down to 0% and need a new set of rotor as well...
Yeah we still have the pads in stock and the comments above about the exhaust were correct.


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Yeah we still have the pads in stock and the comments above about the exhaust were correct.



Just got a question about shipping options. Its free to most of the states, how long will it take (assuming i order it by dec 23)? Also, how much extra to ship to Vancouver, BC, Canada?
Well, I'm gone/closed for the holidays. I may make it in briefly once or twice over the next week or whatever and could possibly get your order out. Roughly speaking though, we ship airmail for all orders to Canada and it typically takes two weeks or a little less. We can ship EMS, which is more expensive but you'd get it in 3-5 days. I believe the shipping will run you about 15 bucks extra for pads and about 35 extra for the exhaust.


is that the best price you can give for the eibach camber kit???
Yeah, and I don't think you can find it cheaper anywhere else. I'm cheaper than drivewire and also There just isn't much in the way of profit on them to even lower for you anyway.


ok, thats fine, just thought id ask.

how do i buy them, i cant find them on your web page?
Got a quick question, the price for the rotor listed on the website is for a pair right?

Also, i emailed you steve (NSN), please response when you get it~ =)
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