XM Roady XT w/ Pro-Fit mount

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I did the install Friday. Worked out real nice. Very easy install. I used the fm modualtor and it sounds great. I had a Roady2 with a PIE adaptor in my old truck. Its sounds the same to me. I really like how the Pro-Fit mount worked. I did have to do a little trim job on the bezel. But, with my dremel tool, it was nothing. I mounted the antenna on the trunk. That was the best place for it IMO. I really didn't want to use tape to secure the wire on the inside, but what else could I use? Anyway, if anyone is interested in doing this, it was easy!
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I also used the Pro-Fit mount to mount my SkyFi2. I kept the antenna inside though because I didn't want to scratch up the paint yet with the magnet. I located the antenna in the lower right corner of the rear window and affixed it to the carpet-like material using a velcro sticker.
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