XM radio install

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I am soon to take delivery of a 2007 SEL in blue.  It is a fleet car so I do not have real easy access to a Ford salesperson.  I just pick it up at a dealer.  They make a few $ but they do not want to really spend time answering my questions since they make no commission (which as a salesperson I can understand).  I can check on it's progress online though and it was built/finished on 9/27 and now on a railcar 9/28.

Anybody know how long it will take to get to MD?

I am hoping mine will include "JOB 2" standard features.  Specifically the plug for the MP3 under the armrest.

I presently have the XM SKYFI2 in my Ford Taurus.  I have a plug running from the trunk where the guts of radio is, plugged into inputs where a CD-changer is supposed to go and then run from the trunk into my XM in the front seat.  All I do is switch the radio to Cd/ AUX and I hear XM w/o cassette or the FM radio method.

I understand from reading this forum that this method of using aux output cables from the CD changer is no longer doable?  I have been thinking about my options.

It dawned on me that perhaps I could just run the SkiFi from the MP3 aug output (assuming I get one) and I am home free!  All I would have to do is run the wires.

I hope to let you know if I am able to rig my XM this way, and if not I would like to hear what other folks have done.
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Re: XM signal problems?

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I started having signal problems today. Anyone else experience this today?
I've got the antenna mounted on the deck lid. I've never had any problems in the past but for some reason today I'd get full signal then a minute later it would drop out totally, then come back for a few seconds then out again.
Some of the ideas I have which might be causing this:
1. Tree foliage is finally fully out?
2. Freshly waxed car and the antenna isn't getting good contact with trunk metal?

No issues in the house.
I heard they lost a satellite. Should be better now. They are running a backup.
I attached my sirius antena to the front of the roof and ran the wire down along the windshield. I've never had a problem with getting a signal but is there any advantage to mounting it to the back of the car?
I have my XM antenna on the inside on the dash pad near the windshield and it works great.

Many new Fords and I believe Mercury and Lincoln have 6 months free of Sirius when you buy your car, it was a promotion.
a good place to mount the XM antenna (or Sirius, GPS, etc) is on the rear deck under the carpet. the rear deck is steel so the magnet mount will hold it securely. the rear windshield is angled enough to allow for a nice clean signal.

I have my XM (pioneer inno) and GPS (iGuidance carPCv4.0 w/ GlobalSat BU-353) antennas mounted to the rear deck and they both work great there. I never lose a signal and best of all, you can't see them!

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