XM radio install

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I am soon to take delivery of a 2007 SEL in blue.  It is a fleet car so I do not have real easy access to a Ford salesperson.  I just pick it up at a dealer.  They make a few $ but they do not want to really spend time answering my questions since they make no commission (which as a salesperson I can understand).  I can check on it's progress online though and it was built/finished on 9/27 and now on a railcar 9/28.

Anybody know how long it will take to get to MD?

I am hoping mine will include "JOB 2" standard features.  Specifically the plug for the MP3 under the armrest.

I presently have the XM SKYFI2 in my Ford Taurus.  I have a plug running from the trunk where the guts of radio is, plugged into inputs where a CD-changer is supposed to go and then run from the trunk into my XM in the front seat.  All I do is switch the radio to Cd/ AUX and I hear XM w/o cassette or the FM radio method.

I understand from reading this forum that this method of using aux output cables from the CD changer is no longer doable?  I have been thinking about my options.

It dawned on me that perhaps I could just run the SkiFi from the MP3 aug output (assuming I get one) and I am home free!  All I would have to do is run the wires.

I hope to let you know if I am able to rig my XM this way, and if not I would like to hear what other folks have done.
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Before the XM vs Sirius goes too far I think it's fair to say they both have their merits. I think Sirius is a better overall service though. I had XM from the beginning and I was rather annoyed with the amount of "searching" I had to do to find a song I actually liked. They do play a deeper playlist but it seems like mostly songs that I didn't like when they were new. I think Sirius has MUCH better rock playlists and stations. There are just too many variables in user taste to say one is better than the other for everyone. I wouldn't put too much weight into the stock price. They both seem to rise and fall at the same rates. It will be a couple of years before it's clear if one will ever out do the other. Also, remember that XM had a year head start. I currently subscribe to both services.
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Although I wouldn't say I hate Howard, I don't listen to him at all. I keep XM mostly for the 80s music and I keep Sirius mostly for Octane 20(current rock).
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