XM radio install

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I am soon to take delivery of a 2007 SEL in blue.  It is a fleet car so I do not have real easy access to a Ford salesperson.  I just pick it up at a dealer.  They make a few $ but they do not want to really spend time answering my questions since they make no commission (which as a salesperson I can understand).  I can check on it's progress online though and it was built/finished on 9/27 and now on a railcar 9/28.

Anybody know how long it will take to get to MD?

I am hoping mine will include "JOB 2" standard features.  Specifically the plug for the MP3 under the armrest.

I presently have the XM SKYFI2 in my Ford Taurus.  I have a plug running from the trunk where the guts of radio is, plugged into inputs where a CD-changer is supposed to go and then run from the trunk into my XM in the front seat.  All I do is switch the radio to Cd/ AUX and I hear XM w/o cassette or the FM radio method.

I understand from reading this forum that this method of using aux output cables from the CD changer is no longer doable?  I have been thinking about my options.

It dawned on me that perhaps I could just run the SkiFi from the MP3 aug output (assuming I get one) and I am home free!  All I would have to do is run the wires.

I hope to let you know if I am able to rig my XM this way, and if not I would like to hear what other folks have done.
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All my worries about wiring the XM through the CD changer jacks in the radio for good sound were for naught as my car came with the AUX plug in the armrest (job#2).  I cannot stand the FM modulator option.  It sucks for sound! Here are some photos of my install of the XM SKIFI2 and the satellite radio antenna:

I just placed the antenna behind the Ford stalk antenna and ran the antenna wire through the rear window molding, into the trunk behind the back seat and through the lower door molding into the dash:

I picked up a dashboard clip such as the Brodit Pro-Fit clip that you can get specifically for the Fusion, or one like mine which was one size fit's all.  You can get the clip from Crutchfield or Circuit City.  You follow the instructions on the Brodit web site and it tells you where to attach the clip to the radio screws behind the dash.  You have to remove the radio dash but it was simple.  Screw the clip onto the existing radio screws and then pop the dash back in and you are done!

I ran a 3.5? male plug from the SKIFI2 output to the AUX PLUG in the armrest.

Here is the dashboard mount from Crutchfield:
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Can you post some photo's when you get a chance?
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