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After weeks of debating, I have decided to sell my Xenarc 7" TSV PC Monitor. I have plans of replacing it with a 7" GPS Navigation monitor with video input, picture-in-picture, and mp3/divx capability. I cannot find an easy way to hook up my psp with vga out to the monitor for use with GPS. The only thing that hooks up to it right now is my modded xbox which will hook-up to the new monitor im going to get. This Xenarc monitor works great although has some glare issues like any touchscreen monitor. Adjusting the brightness helped out a bit though.

When hooked up to the xbox w/ media center:

I am looking for $350 shipped in the U.S. and $330 if local pickup.


For In-Car Computing, PC, Server, GPS, and various VGA Use
High Brightness, High Contrast LCD Panel *New*
5-wire resistive Touch Screen (USB) *New*
Multi-Monitor Touchscreen Support
VGA Input x 1 & RCA Video Input x 2
Audio Input / Built-in Speaker
NTSC / PAL Multi-System
16x9 Aspect Ratio
High Resolution Display - up to 1600 x 1200
Auto detects 800x480 resolution
Upgraded High-Brightness CCFL Backlight
Adjustable backlight level for night-time use
Pixelworks High Performance Image and Video Signal Processor
AISS - Advanced Image-Scaling and Shaping
16:9 / 4:3 Scaler settings
Last Input memory
Last Power setting memory
IR Remote Control
Auto power-on upon signal detection
Automatic display adjustment
On Screen Display Control
Mirror Image Flip (VGA and Video Modes) *New*
Vertical Image Flip (VGA and Video Modes) *New*
Black Casing
Copper Stand: 360° / Height Adjustment
20-Pin heavy-duty connector
Anti Glare Coating
Supports 11V DC ~ 24V DC
"E" Mark Certified for Automotive use


Model #: 700TSV
Screen Size: Diagonal 7" (16:9)
Physical Resolution: 800 (H) x 480 (V) WVGA
Supported Resolution: 640 x 480 ~ 1600 x 1200
Dot Resolution: 2400 x 480 = 1,152,000 (dots)
LCD Brightness: 500 cd/m²
Contrast Ratio: 400:1
Viewing Angle: 140° Horizontal, 100° Vertical
Touch Screen Interface: USB port
Operating Voltage Range: DC 11V ~ 24V, 1A
Power Supply: DC 12V
Power Consumption: <8W
Operating Temperature: 23°F ~ 158°F
Dimension (in): 7.75W x 4.75H x 1.38D
Weight (lb): 1.28
FCC, CE, E13 Certification
ROHS Compliant

Package content:

Connection cable
12V DC cigarette lighter car adaptor


GPS-290 USB attachment for GPS capabilities on the PSP

Bought two weeks ago, used three times.
Comes with original packaging and instructions (if any)
Attach to the top of your Modded PSP (outside of Japan) and use Mapthis software to have a portable GPS system which worked really well
I am selling it because I have nowhere to mount my PSP that will be suitable with the monitor already above the dash, and again looking for that all in one monitor/gps unit.

I will be including a $20 dollar extension cable with it that will let you place the gps device anywhere on the dash for much better reception. It is arriving to me next week.

Am looking for $70 total for both of those + shipping.

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What about the dash? Is it included or is that something we need to buy separate?

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yeah the dash item is like 200 alone (at but worth it), but you don't have to mount the monitor there. you can mount it flush with the stereo replacement double-din kits a lot of people have used on here, or anywhere else you want really.

oh, yeah it's not included :( sorry! i need it for the monitor im going to replace this with.

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I don't think so, because I got this in the beginning of the month. I am pretty sure it still has a 5-wire resistive t/s though.

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