WOW- This is a great Car

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Just picked up my 2007 SE V-6 Fusion Today. I got the dark blue pearl with Sandstone interior. Only options are ABS and daytime running lights.I would have gotten a few other,but the company pays for it so I have to take it as is.After driving a Fleet Taurus for 10 years, it is was time for a change. I can't believe that my company gets me this car for nothing. I looked the car over very well today and the fit and finsih is the best I have ever seen. And this car is fast. Took it on the highway and puched the gas pedal and almost got smacked by my wife. This has got to be the best 22K car on the market. Congradulations Ford don't screw up this car you have a winner
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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