Won't Crank..

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You guys know cars really good so I figured this was the place to get some good ideas on this. It's a 2004 Taurus SEL. I have never had any issues with this car. From day 1 it has always run like a champ. In-fact the car has always been so good that it is the reason why I bought a new 2010 Ford product. I've never had one single problem with this car. Then one day when I went to start it all I heard was a loud clicking sound from the starter (starter solenoid). It does not try to crank at all. Thought it was a bad battery so I replaced it (also cleaned the ground connection going to the frame) and now I also replaced the starter. Same symptoms, it just clicks at the starter solenoid… Any ideas on what to check next? :(
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I don't think I'd have to throw parts at it because I have another 2004 Taurus that I could temporarily use for parts to test with :p

The problem is I have run out of ideas of what would cause such a simple symptom...

I was thinking anti-theft but I don't think the solenoid would be making any noise if it was a anti-theft issue.
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If you took those parts off your other Taurus, then that was a good idea.[/quote]
Unfortunately I didn't take the starter out of the other Taurus because it is not such an easy job to do on this car. Plus it was cold out when I first started working on this car so I just bought a new starter, since usually the clicking sound like this is either a bad starter or a bad battery. Lucky me to have the one car where it's something else causing the problem :lol:

It is not meant as an insult
No, no, I understand that.... I was just clarifying for you :)

Since you have a donor car, I would give the ignition module a shot.
Any idea of where it might be located? I can't remember ever replacing one of those.
Yeah I don't think the solenoid would be getting power and clicking if it was anything before that part (like the key switch for example). I need to rule these things out anyway though so I'll probably still look at it. I'm also going to try using a different key just in case it's anti-theft related. THANKS again for the suggestion :)
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first off you may just have a bad solenoid and not the starter. i know most older fords the solenoid is not part of the starter assembly. its located elsewhere. i do not know on the taurus. also check your main wire going from the solenoid to the starter (again only if it is not one unit) sometimes with high milage cars that is the issue.

step 1 bench test the starter and solenoid by clamping it in a vice and putting a 12v power to the proper leg of the solenoid. then there are two terminals on the solenoid a ground and a 12V it works both ways so dont worry. apply 12v and ground and see what happens. you will also have to chassis ground the starter to the negative of the battery as well.

if the starter doesnt kick off then bypass the solenoid by jumping the two terminals with a screw driver. Makes alot of sparks but wont hurt it. if the starter kicks to life its the solenoid.

as you stated the solenoid is clicking so its not ignition based the solenoid may have just broken inside.

i have also gotten bad starters from the autoparts store if they are remanufactured.

Starter and solenoid are one piece. Already bench tested before I installed. It works fine. THANKS for trying though... Appreciate it :)
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