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Hey all,

2011 Ford Fusion SE

Bought it a few months ago. It was throwing code P0451..... guy I bought it from told me P1450... which I didn't see until this week.

When I was trouble shooting P0451, I read it could be "a bad gas cap" and of course this car has capless fill - poking around, I released the previous owner had broken the little cheap plastic tabs that keep the flapper valve shut (unless you insert say, a gas pump nozzle). So I could just poke at the flapper with my finger and it would open.

I looked into the code, and blimey, if it weren't $400 for a whole new fill apparatus + $400 if the code was thrown by the sensors thingy above the fuel tank. EFF that!!!

So i thot about it, and found a wine cork that fit the fuel fill PERFECTLY. Set it up with a screw and string so I could remove it etc. & the code went away for the most part. Tho it would still come up sometimes.

NOW..... I'm getting both P0451 & P1450

I hate throwing parts and cash around. I'm pretty sure the cork isnt blocking any vents.

What should I do? Is there a easy-enough diagnostic I can do? Replace the Vapor Management Valve?

I REALLY don't want to mess with the fill tube and all that crap above the fuel tank.
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