Window seal issues

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Since I've had my lovely new Fusion I have been living with a window seal problem. Alot of wind noise right next to my ear on the drivers side front door near my ear. First it was the whole window seal rubber seal it was replaced. Then the door was adjusted because it was off and then today they adjusted the actual glass window itself. The problem is now finally gone. I understand its this automobiles first year and to expect some little issues. Have any of you guys had and issues with fit and finish? Oh and if any of you guys wanna know how to take the door panel of on the fusion I know how now since i replace my front speakers with a set of alpines. Any suggestions on a head unit?
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The Milan that we have is very tight and quiet.
Mine is good now and very quiet. :D
I just have the rattle issue, No window issues
I have no window issue, and not even the dreaded rattles everyone talks about. Good luck!
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   The Milan that we have is very tight and quiet.

My B pilar trim pieces weren't even attached. I found it by cutting my hand on it while I was washing the car. The corner was sticking out about 1/4 in. When i replaced it, I noticed the only place where the adhesive stuck was a small 1in piece at the bottom. I checked the other side and the same thing, the adhesive strip never attached to the paint. When I put them back on, I made sure I scuffed the paint, which was never done and the reason why they didn't stick. To check yours, just push on it. If you hear a little sticking sound, they aren't attached.
no noise problems either.
I have that exact same problem. It is like a very faint annoying sound. Is fixing the problem under warranty?
yes. they took the window off its track and adjusted it. The car is perfect now.
nope, no such problem.
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