Who's up for some subframe connectors?

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My friend who builds dragsters can build some subframe connectors for our cars. He's pretty much a metal guru and can do anything. He even welded my cams on my SHO for me. We haven't come up with a design yet or even prices, but I want to see what type of interest there is before we go further with this. We need about 5-10 people to keep costs down.
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I think you'll need to explain more as to the purpose of them, for a lot of people here.
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And there all made by the OEM's right? If they were so great, don't you think they'd come from the factory?

Sorry for the extra information. I will let the ignorance continue from now on.

I don't know the answer to any of this, or anything about it, but:
A lot of "great" things don't come from the factory. What's good for one application is not necessarily good for another, and what's good for a stock car is not necessarily good for one using a certain setup, or wanting a certain ride.
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