Who's up for some subframe connectors?

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My friend who builds dragsters can build some subframe connectors for our cars. He's pretty much a metal guru and can do anything. He even welded my cams on my SHO for me. We haven't come up with a design yet or even prices, but I want to see what type of interest there is before we go further with this. We need about 5-10 people to keep costs down.
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Subframe connectors tie the front and rear subframes together. This eliminates body flex going over bumps and around corners.

Pic of one:
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EVERY car has isolated subframes. All that means is it has rubber bushings. Ford Racing has SFC's for the Mustang, and it has an ISC. Unless there's something you know that FR's engineers don't, there's no problem with installing them.
I'm not going to argue against ignorance, BUT THERE'S SUBFRAME CONNECTORS MADE FOR ALL SORTS OF FWD CARS!!!! Quit trying to play internet information hero. :klavergreg: :klavergreg: :klavergreg:
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