Who merged these threads?

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I started a thread yesterday called "iTunes lawsuit" and today I notice it's been merged with a thread by Dubs called "This is what I'm talking about" (regarding the muslim/cartoon issue).

Here is the link:

Who merged them and why? :thinking:
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Actually wasnt me...your jealousy is showing Greg..... ;)

Why would I be Jealous of an old bastard? ;) :twisted:
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I happen to think it was a n00b Moderator.

Meh, go massage Amare's knees :eek:h:

I don't think Amare needs them right now, I think your Mavs need it after that lost to the Nuggets. :eek:h:
[quote author=holeydonut link=topic=39580.msg576781#msg576781 date=1139686708]
i already brushed Dirk's hair - he feels better now :eek:h:

You ****.
[quote author=holeydonut link=topic=39580.msg576791#msg576791 date=1139686923]
whatever, you still want to have Nash's babies.

M.V.P. Totals(Lifetime) = Nash 1 Dirk 0 :eek:h:
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