Who merged these threads?

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I started a thread yesterday called "iTunes lawsuit" and today I notice it's been merged with a thread by Dubs called "This is what I'm talking about" (regarding the muslim/cartoon issue).

Here is the link:

Who merged them and why? :thinking:
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i got most of it cleaned up... some of the BS posts are still in Dubs thread but I think I have JT's split off with the stuff that matters.
true.. probably just a missed click. i think dubs said there was another thread JT's should have been merged with. I'll go take a look.
i looked at the other thread dubs pointed too. it was about other frivilous lawsuits. don't see any reason to merge them.

btw, splitting is more of a PITA than merging :)
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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