Which wheels look best?

Which wheels?

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Okay. I'm trying to figure out which wheels look best.








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I like the:

1. #6
2. #3
3. #5

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Hello TireRack. I've looked at the same list of wheels more times that I can count. I like #6 a lot, but they look so much like the stockers. I've found some really good looking wheels at individual sites like American Racing (Casino Model), Motegi Racing (Series 2398) and Falken (Torque 5). These are several of my favorites. I've never bought wheels from TireRack, but the tires I've bought I really liked. Let us know what you decide
I like the stock wheels.
the others are too close to justify the cost, I guess...
IMO, I think with the black car, with a set of aluminum (or chrome) wheels with black sides (kind of like the Mach 1 wheels a few years back) - but with a unique fusion five spoke pattern would look great. If #3 or #6 would have that treatment then I might jump on those...

I bet someone has something like it, but I have yet to see it.
3. In all black
Fusion is made for 5 spokes.

# 3 all the way.
2,4,7, almost look like the same wheel. I have some thing like it on mine.
I voted for #3. But, I like Total ConFUSION's car above. That looks really good w/ the color of the car.
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