Where is the oil filter?

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Hi all. I am the type of person who does maintenace on my own vehicles. But, I tried to change the oil on my Fusion S and I can't find the oil filter. I know I am over looking it. Somebody, help me out.
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Underneath the engine you'll see a plastic cover. It has a trap door near the radiator to access the oil filter. It's a cartridge filter located in a plastic housing, NOT a traditional spin-on can.

You'll need a cap wrench to get the filter out. You can get the proper one from , the part # is AKS75140 and it's about $22 shipped. It's overpriced but it fits like a glove.

We've only found two good oil filters to use: the Wix (and the it's repackaged versions: Carquest and NAPA gold) and the Mazda. You'll need a 13mm socket for the oil pan drain plug.

Let us know how you make out.
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