Where are all the aggersive body kits for my fusion? I need more choices

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I've been all over the net tring to find new kits. So far the ones I've found are, best to worst #1 street scene #2 Razzi #3 3d carbon (Ford Motor's choice for thier fusion T5)  boring..  We need one to show the Jap's we mean trouble,  intimidating import styling,  from western world.  We need an IMPORT EATER!!!!!!!!
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I know as soon as i slap one on, the one I really want will be put on the market.  So I will wait, I did find a new one but the manufacturer has not comitted to putting it in to production.  Any one else finds new kits please list them.  I don't have to be the first to have mine kitted, I have to have the best kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So far it's a toss up between street sceen or stylis. need more options!!
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