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There are some strong opinions about this on the forums so I decided
to do some looking. Unfortunately I didn't find any testing
objective testing results. I did however find a lot of anecdotal
information. I compiled it all here ..

Do your own research:

- Orange Peel (more evident on darker vehicles)
- More prone to becoming cloudy
- Early films were yellowing in 2 years
- 5 year Warranty
+ Paint Protection Warranty
+ More Durable
+ New film is supposed to fix yellowing but is too new to be sure
+ Thicker (better rock protection? Doubt it)
+ Claims its had life cycle testing (yet its been yellowing)

- Thinner
- Not O.E. Approved (what does that mean?)
- Claims its had less life cycle testing (yet 3M is the one yellowing)
+ Clearer
+ Life Time Warranty (probably only on film not installation)

A rose by any other name ...
o XPel uses 3M Film
o StoneGuard uses 3M Film
o Crystal Sheild, Llumar same film
o Clear-Bra I think is Llumar
o Invisible-Bra I think is 3M

Other "Clear Bras"
o Venture Shield (same as VentureTape?)
o VentureTape
o Clearshield
o Avery
o InvisiSheild

General Clear Bra Issues

Rocks may chip and damage paint, but the clear bra will keep the paint
in place and damage may not be noticeable (a good thing). However,
when the film is being removed the paint in those damaged areas will
come up showing the chips causing one some mental anguish (just a fact
of physics).

The edges of the clear bra will collect dirt, wax, etc causing the
lines to be very visible. You'll have to do extra cleaning on those
areas to clean away the contaminants and make the lines go away. YMMV

There is a whole different issue with piece kits versus wrapped kits
I'm not going to discuss because I think this list is complicated

Be sure you get what you want. Some car kits do not cover the entire
hood, if you want the entire hood covered, ask for that.

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I wish I could get a clear armor (5"THICK) all over my car, to protect it from UNCOOL parkiing lot door ding offenders...Not that I have any dings or scratches yet, yesterday I noticed a something from some a-holes door but it came right off my paint. WHATS WITH PEOPLE MAN ?????????????  8)

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already doing so, parking where i know i'll have a free spot to the right + left of my car....

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Congrats PegAir,
Hope you'll love your Fusion as much as the rest of us do. Enjoy! :))~
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