What motor should the SVT Fusion have?

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Newbie here ... just picked up a leftover I4 '07 Milan 5-speed that doesn't have a single option on it. That said, it would be an absolutely remarkable sleeper with the 2.3L turbo - direct injection package with the close ratio 6 speed trans.

Question would be ... could Ford find a market for such a car, given the already deep discounts and high dealer inventory levels on Fusions and Milans.

Maybe a limited run "bullit" or SVT version of the Fusion / Milan would be just what the nameplate needs to reinvigorate interest in the lower lines of the car as well.

After a couple hundred miles ... I can already tell that my Milan is a plainly competent car ... nice handling, quiet riding, good mileage, and lots of space for my family and I. I drove both automatic and 5-speed manual versions ... and, have to admit, I wouldn't have bought the car with the automatic trans. ... the 5 speed changed the entire outlook of the car for me.

Anyway ... if Ford can't justify the speed3 package in the Milan ... perhaps a retrofit when my 5/100 expires will be in order.

Glad I found this place ... good information here for sure.

Kevin O'
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