What motor should the SVT Fusion have?

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the mazdaspeed6 is getting discontinued because it blows its turbo.

however, the speed3 is not, and its quite better then the awd speed6. the awd is nice and all, but you lose alot of power having to equalize power to all 4 wheels. The speed3 has an amazing fwd qualfie differential that is AMAZING at power planting, and traction control. car handles like a champ. not to mention, its quite lighter then its awd brother, so its naturally quicker.

but yeah, it wouldn't take much for them to take a 2.3l disi turbo and pop it in the fusion as an SVT branded car. it would actually be quicker then the speed i presume, since ford has a big rep with doing alot of interior engine work on their svt cars.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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