What motor should the SVT Fusion have?

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Turbo Charger, Super Charge, doesnt matter too me.  But the turbo will give you a better hp rating at the end.  As for the supercharge, we have instant power and you will be on constant boost. 

But if you where to put a 2.3l i4 supercharged and a 2.3l i4 turbo charged on the fusion running the same boost, the supercharge will torque down rite away but ones the turbo fusion hits the 3400rpm or 4000rpm mark, that turbo spools up and at the end the turbo will still feed plenty of boost as for the blower cutting off to a limited boost.

To me, I prefer a blower on a v8.  And I wouldnt mind if SVT put the 04 cobra supercharged engine with 390hp in the fusion.  Just add a solid IRS to it, good shaft, level the weight.  Add a 6speed tranny to it, rwd.  And we have a bad ass car.  Just look at these guys who put V8 in the hatch back focus,  they are runing good times, last guy ive seen in the track, he did 11.5 in a qt mile and just with a 95 cobra engine with comp cams and full exhaust and intake.

Or if that is too much then I say go with a inline 5 since they always seem to have the perfect cam timing with perfect mpg on gas, a nice ball bearing T45 or T50 turbo, 15psi of boost stock, AWD with a 6 speed. rating at 320hp (less or more). Speed cut out at 155mph (Good chip should cut out that limiter). A nice exotic 4 door body. Xenon front projectors headlights, Xenon projector Fog lights. L.E.D front turn signals, L.E.D back lights and turn signals. You know, a nice exotic sporty look to it.  But I dont want a V6, I dont see much potential in them, idk thats my opinion. 
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