What motor should the SVT Fusion have?

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I would prefer a warmed-over 3.5 making somewhere in the neighborhood of 300hp. The current version of the 3.5 does not use variable cam timing, nor variable intake geometry, and is not fitted with DFI. If SVT added all 3 of those features to this engine, we could have a real 300hp winner on our hands. Of course, it would have to be offered in AWD and a 6 speed manual, and sticker for well under $30k. The price-point is what I would be most concerned about. A price of a loaded SEL is already bumping into Mustang GT territory...we don't need a $32k Fusion - that is not the point of the Fusion. Make one for $25K and I will buy!
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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