What motor should the SVT Fusion have?

What should the SVT Fusion have under the hood?

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What would be the best motor setup for the SVT Fusion?
2.3 Turbo 274 est. MAX HP
2.5 Turbo 300 est. MAX HP
3.0 NA 235 est. MAX HP
3.5 NA 270 est. MAX HP
3.0 SC 275 est. MAX HP
3.5 SC 310 est. MAX HP
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Man, am I a broken record or what? Just want to see some ford racing parts for the 3.0L and if SVT get's after it, I wouldn't be suprised if they see a jump in after-market sales. In addition, I think owners of the 500 may also be interested in boosting their HP just a little....
I voted 3.5 SC... But I think we should also be able to vote on transmission and drivetrain choices.


- 6 speed manual awd
- 6 speed manumatic awd
- 6 speed manual fwd
- 6 speend manumatic fwd

Of course I'd vote for 6 speed manual awd. :)
Well, that'd almost certainly be what it would be. Alternatively, 6sp MTX FWD. I would severely doubt they'd do a manumatic SVT for the Fusion.
The ford fusion needs to have some more power to compete in the versions of the monte carlo/impala ss and the dodge charger srt
I'd be happy with a turbo 3.0. I think supercharging a 3.5 is a little much for this chassis.

Why not ehe V8, someone said... I think it would be too much weight in the front half of the vehicle and potentially make it handle like ass.

Give me a turbo I5 from the Volvo, or a turbo/supercharged 3.0 and an AWD platform to connect the power to the ground through a nice getrag 6-speed.
I would prefer a warmed-over 3.5 making somewhere in the neighborhood of 300hp. The current version of the 3.5 does not use variable cam timing, nor variable intake geometry, and is not fitted with DFI. If SVT added all 3 of those features to this engine, we could have a real 300hp winner on our hands. Of course, it would have to be offered in AWD and a 6 speed manual, and sticker for well under $30k. The price-point is what I would be most concerned about. A price of a loaded SEL is already bumping into Mustang GT territory...we don't need a $32k Fusion - that is not the point of the Fusion. Make one for $25K and I will buy!
3.5 NA with 290-300 HP, AWD.
I am a big fan of turbo charging so I would say either the 4 or 5 cylinder would get me really excited.
Turbochargers are nice. However I feel as if Ford would never put it on their cars because "A" it would be to small like always. And "B" they take some time to spool up to give you that power. I feel as if Ford should take a 3.0L Ford Engine and Supercharge it so you have that instantaneous power at your fingertips for instance like driving around corners. But in this world we live in now, all americans like to go fast in a straight line, I'm american and I LOVE DOING IT TO! :exnbpup:. Yet turbochargers are to fussy. Superchargers are the way to go.
Turbo Charger, Super Charge, doesnt matter too me.  But the turbo will give you a better hp rating at the end.  As for the supercharge, we have instant power and you will be on constant boost. 

But if you where to put a 2.3l i4 supercharged and a 2.3l i4 turbo charged on the fusion running the same boost, the supercharge will torque down rite away but ones the turbo fusion hits the 3400rpm or 4000rpm mark, that turbo spools up and at the end the turbo will still feed plenty of boost as for the blower cutting off to a limited boost.

To me, I prefer a blower on a v8.  And I wouldnt mind if SVT put the 04 cobra supercharged engine with 390hp in the fusion.  Just add a solid IRS to it, good shaft, level the weight.  Add a 6speed tranny to it, rwd.  And we have a bad ass car.  Just look at these guys who put V8 in the hatch back focus,  they are runing good times, last guy ive seen in the track, he did 11.5 in a qt mile and just with a 95 cobra engine with comp cams and full exhaust and intake.

Or if that is too much then I say go with a inline 5 since they always seem to have the perfect cam timing with perfect mpg on gas, a nice ball bearing T45 or T50 turbo, 15psi of boost stock, AWD with a 6 speed. rating at 320hp (less or more). Speed cut out at 155mph (Good chip should cut out that limiter). A nice exotic 4 door body. Xenon front projectors headlights, Xenon projector Fog lights. L.E.D front turn signals, L.E.D back lights and turn signals. You know, a nice exotic sporty look to it.  But I dont want a V6, I dont see much potential in them, idk thats my opinion. 
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No offense but going from a v8 mach 1 stang its obvious that you would want more hp from your fusion, but i agree w/most the v8 is not happening outside of your own garage. What i do forcast seeing is a 3.5 AWD Mt V6. Ford (to keep it in the desired price range) should keep the supercharger off, but offer it as a factory upgrade option. End result affordable 270-300 Hp fusion or spend some extra cash and fly w/ 300-330 Hp supercharged model .. Im holding out for 2009 by that time i will have enough miles on my to do a clean engine swap.
03 cobra motor, maybe detuned a bit. 320-350 hp range. They have tons of them laying around all over the place.
Ok maybe a turbocharged model would be good take a look at this and imagine it under the hood of your Fusion!!!

3.5-liter Twin-Force DI Twin Turbocharged V6

The Estimated 415hp and 400 pound-feet of torque looks good to me!
Ok it will probably never happen due to it being out of the majorities price range but I have altered my opinion

After reading this

"The Duratec 35 was engineered to accommodate direction injection and turbocharging technologies, which helped speed development of TwinForce™. The program also benefited from Volvo's turbocharging expertise and Ford of Europe's experience with direct injection systems.

"We have been working on this for quite awhile, but I think the combination of the fuel-injection technology and electronic control technology for turbos has gotten to the point where we feel very comfortable that this is the technology that customers are going to want and that we are going to be very capable of providing," said Barb Samardzich, vice president, Ford Powertrain Product Development."

from a Ford article (

I have decided that it must have a 3.7 liter direct injected twin turbocharged V6

wow imagine spinning all 4 wheels of that AWD 3.7T V6


"If they don't do it I will"
Grant :lol:

:csweeney: :koolaid: :sold:
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Ford can make it very easy just take the Mazda Speed 6 drivetrain and swap it over. 2.3 turbo AWD 6 Speed. that would be great.
the mazdaspeed6 is getting discontinued because it blows its turbo.

however, the speed3 is not, and its quite better then the awd speed6. the awd is nice and all, but you lose alot of power having to equalize power to all 4 wheels. The speed3 has an amazing fwd qualfie differential that is AMAZING at power planting, and traction control. car handles like a champ. not to mention, its quite lighter then its awd brother, so its naturally quicker.

but yeah, it wouldn't take much for them to take a 2.3l disi turbo and pop it in the fusion as an SVT branded car. it would actually be quicker then the speed i presume, since ford has a big rep with doing alot of interior engine work on their svt cars.
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