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My process and detailing kit:

1. Wash car using Duragloss 901 Wash using Sheepskin wash miit.
a. Wash from top down by section
b. Blot dry using Absorber and/or Microfiber Drying Towel. Going to try a fancy waffle weave soon.
c. Using MF detailing towel for final wipe.
d. Tires/wheels - use car wash on clean tires with tire brush. Eagle All Wheel and Tire for nasty wheels. Powerful stuff be careful on some wheels.

>> One bucket - no grit guard..yes, living dangerously

2. Clay (every 6 months). Used Meg's Clay Kit. Will buy a larger bar later.

3. Mothers Pre-Wax Cleaner using DA polisher (every 6 mo)

4. Mothers Reflections Car Wax using DA polisher (every 3 mo)

5. Mothers Reflections Top Coat using DA polisher (every 3 mo)

6. Dress Tires with Mother Reflections Tire Spray (not enough shine for most people but I like natural look). Spray foam applicator and apply to wheels, buff 5 min later

7. 303 Protectant (little added shine) every 2 months or so exterior / interior. Meg's Quick Interior Detailer in between on inside)

8. Exterior Detailer: Mothers Showtime - remove bugs, water spots, etc in between washes. Pre-wax Cleaner for subburn water spots.

9. Mothers Chrome Polish on chrome wheels, tailpipes

10. Stoners Invisi Glass Cleaner - clean windows with two MF towels (one spread, one dry)

11. Meg's Cleaner/Conditioner for top coated leather seats. Will switch to something else soon

Duragloss All Purpose Cleaner on wheel wells if needed.

Mothers Scratch Remover on scratches, scuffs

Yeah. I like Mothers. :D
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