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First off, don't be afraid to care for your vehicle's paint. There is plenty of info on the web that can show you what you need to know. Here is what I'm doing to my car this weekend.

1. Wash vehicle and dry with an "Absorber" synthetic chamois. I love the's easy to use and does a great job.

2. Clay bar my vehicle with a Clay Magic Kit which can be obtained at local auto parts stores. I've got some fallout and other contaminants and it needs a nice clay bar job on it. This is also easy to do and will make the paint as smooth as silk for my next steps.

3. Zaino Paint cleaner and swirl remover - This will be my next step...sort of like waxing but it will prep the paint and remove dirt and the light swirl marks that may be present. This is a pre-step before my wax.

4. Zaino Z2 pro Show Car Polish w/ ZFX Accelerator additive - I love the Show Car Polishes by Zaino and the addition of the accelerator will help harden the polish and give me a great wet shine. I will apply two coats...back to back.

5. Zaino Clear Seal - It takes very little of this stuff to really give your paint the "wet" look and I can use it on paint, glass, wheels, plastic and trim. This will seal my wax and really make that shine pop.

All of this seems excessive, but it will only take me about three hours. Three hours may seem like a lot if you don't do a lot of detailing, but I'll just park under a tree and turn on the radio and before you know it, I'm done. Plus my car will look great and really stand out with a glossy, deep shine.

I'll also do the wheels and tires and the wheel wells as well as wiping down the engine and vacuuming the interior and protecting the dash. Total time of all this - 4 hours. I'll be done at 1030AM. All of this is well worth it.

I use a lot of Zaino products because they are quality professional products. You can search on Zaino and buy direct. I have not seen any of their products in stores. They aren't cheap, but they really last and provide an awesome shine.
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