What kind of oil should I use?

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I know that the owners manual says use 5W20 but I'm not sure what to use. The only thing I do know is that I'm goin to use Mobil 1 synthetic. Should I use the recommened 5W20 or should I use a 5W30 or a 10W30?
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Penzoil Ultra made for natural gas and a Mann oil filter
I just use motorcraft oil and oil filter.
Definitely nothing wrong with this approach. Motorcraft Semi-synth 5w20 oil is some great stuff, and only about $18 for a 5-gal jug at WalMart.

Their oil filters are pretty much the best bang for your buck you can get.

In all honesty though, pretty much any semi-synth blend will work great. I actually tend to mix my own partial-synth mixture out of whatever is in my oil stash, but for most people, who don't keep an oil stash, it's not practical. Quaker State and Pennzoil both make a seriously good semi-synth for around the same price as Motorcraft.

Either way, I say stick with a Motorcraft filter, or if you usually run long oil change intervals (over the 7500 miles that Ford recommends), a Fram Ultra, which is actually rated for 15,000 miles.
Here's an oil report of my 2011 Milan with 2.5 if anyone's curious (7400 miles). Mobile 1 5w20 w/Purolator Synthetic filter.


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