What kind of oil should I use?

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I know that the owners manual says use 5W20 but I'm not sure what to use. The only thing I do know is that I'm goin to use Mobil 1 synthetic. Should I use the recommened 5W20 or should I use a 5W30 or a 10W30?
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You need to keep your oil and filter receipts as proof should you need warranty work.

There is no way that can be true. Thats just foolish. (No offense intended)

I will only use Mobil1. Using 10w versus 5w is not going to make any difference.

I also change my oil every 3k. I know they say 5k now, but I'd rather spend the extra money for the extra piece of mind. Call me old fashioned. :)
I know this is old but...I worked at a Ford dealership maybe you have heard of them World Ford. I worked at a World Ford of Homestead (Homestead Fl just before the Keys) [Now Armstrong Ford of Homestead] and they can ask a customer to verify maintenance records for major warranty work. While I was living in Fl I was training as a heavy line tech and in fact had to ask a few customers that ruined there motors cause they failed to do oil changes. They argued they had and the car was under warranty and we had better fix it. Well with an inch of sludge the Ford hotline said ask for records (recieps/RO's) for proof if they wanted there warranty honored. Ford in fact voided there warranty for lack of proof and an inch of sludge.
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Just run a 100% full synthetic like Amsoil 0w-20. :) It will take the extreme heat.
Thats what I'm going to run after my warranty is up SSO 0w30.
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