What kind of oil should I use?

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I know that the owners manual says use 5W20 but I'm not sure what to use. The only thing I do know is that I'm goin to use Mobil 1 synthetic. Should I use the recommened 5W20 or should I use a 5W30 or a 10W30?
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You have to change the oil every 5k to maintain the warranty. M1 every 5k is overkill and expensive but if if that's what you feel comfortable with then use it. Again, to satisfy your warranty you should use 5W20. M1's 0W20 also meets the Ford spec: WSS-M2C930-A so you can use that too.
If you want to save $ any name brand 5W20 will protect quite well. Best "bang for the buck" oils are Motorcraft, Pennzoil and Havoline on sale/rebate for under $2.00/qt.

I use M1 5W-20 and change it every 5K; it's just a habit I have. But how does the dealership know that I'm changing the oil every 5K?
AZ, are you using Amsoil in your transmission or M1?
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