What kind of oil should I use?

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I know that the owners manual says use 5W20 but I'm not sure what to use. The only thing I do know is that I'm goin to use Mobil 1 synthetic. Should I use the recommened 5W20 or should I use a 5W30 or a 10W30?
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I think it's just more important to change your oil rather than worry about what brand you use. I've seen cars owned by complete dirt balls that miss oil changes constantly with 150k. Engines are built so good now that they should last to 150k with routine maintenance. I also look at it this way- How long to you really keep your car? If you're going to keep it until the wheels fall off, then maybe you should go with full syn. If I keep my car another 2 years it will be a miracle. I don't keep my cars long enough to worry about engine longevity. Whoever buys the car when I sell it, probably won't put full syn. in anyway. These aren't Porches and won't be bought up by the enthusiast crowd. I decided M1 wasn't worth it my last oil change. Motorcraft oil is more than adequate and it also's also made by Mobil.
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