What Is This? SuperCharger?

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This must be like those turbonators they sell for your intake. Just A Waste Of Money? Theres No Dyno Chart, Nor Any Mention Of Increased Horsepower
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I'm calling BS.

Buy one and let us know how it works...
Complete waste of money. You might as well just hook up a hair dryer to your intake.
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I'm calling BS.

Buy one and let us know how it works...

I 2nd that! BS! Just like the tornado!
It's BS. I don't see that thing generating enough air movement to make any difference in performance.
The biggest flaw with this kit, and the reason that electric superchargers havent and likely wont ever catch on, is that they only create boost at very low rpms. When you are above idle, say even as low as maybe 1500 rpm, your engine will be pulling more more air that that fan can blow, and it quickly becomes an intake restriction.

This auction states it makes 1 psi of boost at all RPMs. THAT is BS. maybe 1 psi at idle, but there is no way it would make ANY boost at anything above 1500 rpm or so, esp since its electric, it will move the same amount of air regardless of engine RPM.
Yes, I don't understand why someone hasn't already picked up on the Toyota hybrid CVT concept and used it with a drive belt from the engine along with fractional HP low mass brushless DC motor to drive an SC. Basically an open diff'l with the DC motor and the ICE as inputs and the outout driving an SC.

Turning the DC motor at the same input speed, but "opposite" direction as the ICE would result in ZERO RPM of the SC for idling. The SC speed could be widely varied independent of the ICE RPM. Lots of boost at low RPM and no need for pressure bypass to prevent overboost.
AHAHA, this things are a waste. We tested this "electric supercharger" and the "tornado" at the shop last year on the dyno. All it did was kill horsepower. All it does is make a massive air ristriction to your intake.

Sweet, a supercharger for only $120!!!!


Those are like boat fans or something. The only cheap supercharger like that that I know of is the ERAM. The majority of these blowers on ebay if you look closely are 250cfm or somewhere around there. Basically that is NO benefit whatsoever. If you log onto ERAMS website you'll see it was tested at SEMA and made 908cfm and UP TO 1psi So basically all those delaers on ebay are selling a PIPE DREAM!! STay away! I learned the hard way like 6 years ago.
not to mention, if for some reason the fan shatters say goodbye to your motor and your warrenty
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Now I wonder how much more HP I'd get with a gas powered leaf blower!
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