What happens to the warranty if you flash tune your car??

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I'm new here and I've been reading some threads on the Bob Jusnes and FordChip re-tunes. What are the warranty ramifications if you use one of these tuning programs. I assume you "return to stock" before you take the car in for service. Is there anyway for the dealer to know you're using a flash tune. Also, will these tunes help with normal, around town driving or is it only at WOT. I'm an old guy that just wants more response and power, but don't intend to bang my V6 off the rev limiter all the time. Thanks
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Well, I know with the X-cal 2 you can store 4 tunes, your factory tune that the car came with, then 3 other "performance" tunes. That way, when making a visit to the dealer, you just reflash your computer back to the way it was when you originally bought it. I dont know if it dates the flashes in the computer or not, but that was the way it was when I had an X-Cal 2 on my 99 F-150.
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