What else can you spell with "FUSION" ?

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I was looking at the trunk today and trying to decide if I want to take the lettering off. Had the idea of spelling something else with the letters. Anyone have any ideas. I have a I4 S Fusion so no lettering other than "FUSION", unless one of you have some extra letters laying around.

Thanks guys and gals.
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You could always make up something of your own like I did. You can get letters from multiple internet sites. Personally, I took everything off but the custom "CD338" and the "V6" on the other side. I considered taking it ALL off, since I like the clean look.
"IS FUN"...............nah
keep it simple- F U
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keep it simple- F U


That was my first thought! :bigsmile:
Think I'll pass on the "F U" althougt may of the a-holes durring rush hour could use a good message. Still not sure what I am gonna do. "IS FUN" is a thought
just a few really quickly

i got the se model.... thinking about spell'n out 'U SO FINE' on mine!
you could spell this if you put it next to the V6 - "V6 IS FUN".......
If you have the 6 from the V6, you could try turning it upside down and spelling "9O IS FUN"
I vote for "leave it alone", or "debadge".
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I vote for "leave it alone", or "debadge".

+1 LOL

Put down the crackpipe and s-l-o-w-l-y back away from the computer. :shock:
Put down the crackpipe and s-l-o-w-l-y back away from the computer
:dance: :lmao:
Don't try to switch up the letters, just put "FUSION" in another spot on the trunk like I did in the "New Idea" thread I created.
i would never polute my car with this crap but after i removed all of the lettering including the (se) i came up with "v6 is so fun" lol lame but i was bored

never thought of puting it on my ride tho kind of defeats the purpose of removing the lettering don't ya think :)
I suggest finding a "c" and a "k" then buying another "f" and get creative.

Though this could get you a few dents in your vehicle from time to time. :lol:
Wouldn't you have to buy TWO F's for that?? :huh
How bout "Us On Fi" (You's on fire!) LOL Oh man, I'm so corny sometimes... :lol:
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