Welcom to the new SMs RB,Zoomin & Jeba

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Just wanted to officially welcome the newest Senior Members RB,Zoomin and Jeba..Congrats guys....
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Had no idea the this was here! :shock: Thanks for the welcome guys!!
[quote author=jeba link=topic=43280.msg706877#msg706877 date=1147025086]
Had no idea the this was here! :shock: Thanks for the welcome guys!!

welcome and congrats jeba, glad you finally found your way here, we were all worried :)
Whoa Jeba whats up with the Ga location?? I know you moved but out of MidA?? Where will I go for installs next month???
I have made sure that the guys at Sound Solutions will still take care of my forum buddies :D. Yeah, the big move to ATL! It is so sweet down here. Not to mention the housing prices are so cheap compared to NOVA!

Hey RB, what part of Atlanta are you in?
Jeba, I live in the Roswell/Alpharetta area.  Welcome to the Atlanta metroplex, and I hope you enjoy the traffic! :p Actually, other than traffic, I think you'll like living here.
Welcome aboard...please set a good example for everyone else......or else.... :evil:
Oof, another one. Jim, you are not doing your job properly...
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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