Welcom to the new SMs RB,Zoomin & Jeba

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Just wanted to officially welcome the newest Senior Members RB,Zoomin and Jeba..Congrats guys....
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BTW anyone want to take bets on how long it takes M3M to moan how he was unfairly left out??
RB you will learn quick M3M "doesnt get it" ever. He will do something and then not understand why someone will take offence to it. Dont try to have a opposing view either he will try to out argue you.....Dunno know if I will be at the next local meet or not... If I go Im not looking foward to seeing im... Hey Imp look me up if Im there....
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Uhh does Jeba know he's a SM?

I assume he knows as he had to sign the waiver...Hes just very low key...Prob doesnt realize this forum is here...
Whoa Jeba whats up with the Ga location?? I know you moved but out of MidA?? Where will I go for installs next month???
1 - 5 of 27 Posts
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