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Hey guys, got some old warhammer 40k stuff. Got about 1500 points of both blood angels and black templar. All painted. I also have some other stuff new, in box; unopened, unpainted. Really hope not having a a piece of paper w/ my name isn't an issue. If it is i'll have to repost in about a month. Anyway, pics, then a list of stuff.

(Bigger images can be found in my gallery; HERE!;sa=myimages;u=17698)

Now, thats quite a few pics and I can always get more once i'm back home. I'm looking to sale it all together for 350$ + shipping. I am willing to part out as 3 lots however- Blood Angels (units, predator, landspeeder, attack bike), Black templar (makeshift rhino, makeshift attack truck), New In Box stuff (will part out the land raider crusader on it's own). If your interested in any of this stuff, post up.

All parts have been assembled and hand painted by ME. Quite a few of the guys have had arms fall off or similar- easy repairs make them good as new.

Also, here's a breakdown of what you'd pay for these new, from the gamesworkshop / citadel miniatures website.

>Scouts 2 x 20 = 40
>Tact Squad 4 x 35 = 140
>Assault 1 x 25 = 25
>Land Speeder 1 x 30 = 30
>Attack Bike 1 x 25 = 25
>Land Raider Crusader 1 x 60
>Predator 1 x 40= 40
>Corbulo 1 x 15
>Mephiston 1 x 17
>Techmarine 1 x 8
>Vindicare 1 x 15
>Chaplain Lemartes 1 x 10.50
>Chaplain Asmodi 1 x 15.00
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