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I work at a Lincoln Mercury dealer and I was looking really close at the headlamps from the 500 and Montego. Other than the Montego having HID's, the shape is identical.

What I am offering is to the first person that would like to try and swap there 500 lights to the HID's of the Montego, I will sell the lamps AT COST with FREE shipping. I am trying to find any info from the Ford service manuals to see if there are any electrical differences. The Montego lamps would come with the ballast built in. The terminal connections are the same also, so no splicing.

Below are Ford part #'s you can use to verify I am not BS'ng you guys.

500 Lamps
5G1Z-13008-AB List $230.42 Inet $172.82 Cost $138.25
5G1Z-13008-BB List $230.42 Inet $172.82 Cost $138.25

Montego HID lamps.
5T5Z-13008-A List $452.50 Inet $339.38 Cost $271.50
5T5Z-13008-B List $452.50 Inet $339.38 Cost $271.50
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