Vortex Valve

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I don't for one minute believe this stupid device actually works...but evidently there is a demand for them. Has anyone ever tried one? I am not willing to shell out a dime for one unless I see some reasonable results from unbiased users. Hell, if they really did boost mpg as much as the mfg claims, then all of the auto companies would leasing the patent. A 25mpg Hummer! I don't think so!

After seeing skyrocketing gas prices throttle their sales, two Detroit-area Hummer dealers have boosted business – and other dealers say they'll follow suit – by adding a controversial aftermarket product to boost fuel efficiency.

As the Wall Street Journal reported this week, the dealerships – Detroit Hummer and Hummer of Novi – are trying to attract customers with a device they call the "Mileage Maximizer," otherwise known as the VortexValve™, which they claim helps the large SUVs get 25 miles per gallon in highway driving. Without the device, a Hummer H3 gets 19 to 20 miles per gallon on the highway, Hummer spokesman Nick Richards told the Journal.

Manufactured by Las Vegas-based Air Synergy Labs Inc., the VortexValve™ can increase fuel efficiency by up to 30 percent, claims Spencer Robley, the company's chairman and president.

Conceding there's no official verification for his claims, Robley told the Journal his company has sold 120,000 valves in its eight-year history.

The valve works, according to the manufacturer, by increasing the volume of air that makes it into a vehicle's intake manifold, so more oxygen is present during combustion.

Although GM and Hummer officials have not endorsed the aftermarket addition – even saying they may not honor warranties on altered vehicles – the promotion has helped Hummer sales at the two Detroit locations, Gary Krupa, general manager of Hummer of Novi, told the Journal. The dealerships are charging $189.95 for the milage increaser, and Krupa says a dozen such Hummers have been sold during the promotion's first three weeks.
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$189.00 Thats a rip I hope it comes with a jar of lube for the person who buys one! :loco:
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