Virginia Beach.

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Any Fusion owners in the Virginia Beach area? Would like to start a Fusion club.
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Not in VA beach... But come down there alot. I will shoot off an PM next time I come down!
I mean I am not in VA Beach... But i would join!
I'll be there from July 5th to the 10th.
I will be down july 19-23rd :lol:
Send me a PM when you come down. Not sure if I will be out to sea or not. I'm from Wilkes-Barre Area in PA.
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Send me a PM when you come down. Not sure if I will be out to sea or not. I'm from Wilkes-Barre Area in PA.

Close to me!
I'll send you one when I get there, bro. If you're out at sea -- get on the O4 level or something and get a big breath of fresh air for me.
Im down..... Just let me know.
You know I'm here in Va. Beach, I've just been lurking around the forum watching the direction of this site. If we ever get away from the topic of who can stuff 20"+ wheels under there fenders and talk about performance upgrades or ideas I would start to contribute again. Big wheels do not make the cars go faster. But I suppose it's all about image these days.

I wholeheartedly agree. It was nice to meet you over at the Trashmore. Thanks for that. Beautiful car, and I'll post the pictures asap.
It was great to finally meet you, your post have alway been informative and you have been willing to do what it takes to make your Fusion unique. To others reading Swoops post, you should listen to what Adam has to say about various topics. The man is scary intelligent and knows his cars. I'd hate to see you see sell your ride but I know what your looking to get into and nothing sounds and runs stronger than a V8. When you get all setted up with the new car you need to make a run back to Va. Beach again.

Keep in touch, Marc
I am back in the area. Was out at sea. :D
I live in Norva...

Wish I could be back in good old Va - used to always make trips to VB - actually used to be in an old car club there called " Zero Gravity Racing ". Of corse I and a few others represented the NOVA region. Anyhow, good luck on meets and starting a get together....make a Va resident proud!!!!
an old topic, I know... but would anyone be interested in meeting up sometime soon? Weekends are usually good unless I have duty :bitching:
A def. old thread but, I will be traveling back to Virginia for the Holidays.....leaving Thursday!
Really late getting to this, but I live in Richmond and I (as well as a few of my boys) ride down to the beach all the time... have you met anybody around here as of late? i kno that i raced another fusion on 95 around hanover county a while ago..
Old topic... but just seeing if anyone is still interested. We could set something up for when its not so damn freezing outside. ;-)
I am in Suffolk, not too far from the Suffolk Beach Ford. (that's where I ordered and bought my Fusion Hybrid) I would love to see something started locally.
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