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Check out the crazy racing action from NMRA Route 66 & Superbowl Shootout on NMRATV.
The finals were some of the baddest, most closet racing ever, but the best part was
when the NMRA took on the NMCA for a Ford vs. Chevy street legal battle. The NMRA won
in the end, 6 wins to 5 wins.

We had a great time shooting at the end, it was jam packed with people and racers, but
we got a lot of great footage. Let us know what you think about the coverage and how
we can improve it!

The best part about the weekend was that the NMRA actually took the win at the end!

As some of you guys know, I'm going to be doing the NMRA TV thing full time along with some
of the crew here, so if you want to see anything special, just let us know. Also, I think Melissa
is going to register and start posting, so say hello to her if you get a chance! Her name's gonna
be powermelissa I think.. :)

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