Upgrading sound system from Premium

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What would you guys recommend? I'm not a big audiophile (haha) but something better would be nice. Local bestbuy has 2 10' 1000 watt max power dual voice coil subs in for $100 (before install) would I still have good trunk space? And how much better would my system sound? As it is now I believe the sound is pretty bad in the backseats especially but that would change with this right? Thanks
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what do you mean by sound quality is bad in the back seats? not enough hi's? no enough lows? By putting 2 10's in your trunk, the back seat will be filled with bass, at medium-low to hi volumes. Whenever I have passangers sitting in my back seat i turn the bass all the way down. For me whats even worse is that i dont use any gain or bass boast with my amp. it puts out a decent amount of lows with just 1 12" running 600 watts.

I dont know what other people have done with their setup but ive always had the problem of having my back seat getting pounded with bass, but in the front its ok. Could be imaging problems so if anyone knows how to get the back seat to sound as good as the front, im all ears.
I don't give a lot of thought to the sound in my back seat- mainly because I'm never back there :). Personally I think an amp/sub is the first sound upgrade to make. If you keep the box small (sealed not ported box), like my JL set up, you will still have plenty of trunk space and greatly improved sound. You can see my system at my cardomain page (see my signature line below).
yeah a porperly sealed box will give you a much tighter sound. I have a ported box, but the way the box is built its not an "open air" design. The port is not a hole at the top or in the front, rather the airflow goes through a few channels before reaching the outside of the box giving a cleaner sound. I used to have 2 12"s subs with a sealed box and it was awsome, but i wanted to save on trunk space so i went with 1 of the 12"s subs and bought a higher quality ported box, which doesnt give that booming sound most cheaper ported boxes do, and performs more like the 2 12"s I had before.

I agree with ming, i never sit in the back seat so i dont care, also i dont play loud music when i have passangers anyways. I only let my self go deaf ;)
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