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So...I am sure their are many of you out there with the tweeters on the opposite side of the rear view mirrors on the front doors.

And then their are some of us which may not have those tweeters and may have the two speakers in the very back near the back windshield.

You may have both!

But have any of you guys had the chance to HEAR the difference.

I personally like the tweeters on the doors, they focus the high's to my ears and I can hear the people singing. While my subs hit hard enough so that I can hear the bass. My sound system sounds great a lot of people tell me.

However, I recently drove a Ford 500 withouth the door tweeters, yet it had the two speakers back near the rear windshield. While those two speakers in the back gave a good thump. I had to play with the controls and turn up the treble. Nothing was directed to my ears, it just sucked.

So..............people. What is your opinion? Have you had the chance to "hear" the difference?
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