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After reading how it can be used to remove wax on plastic I had to try some. Detailing cars everyday, I see tons of hack jobs from people who find it necessary to wax EVERYTHING. I've yet to find a product that could live up to it's claim that it could 100% remove dried wax on plastic.

First off as a wax-

I used it on a Harley I did today. I'm unimpressed. It's a pain to wipe off and never seemed to completely dry. This caused unnecessary wiping which will install the swirlies in your paint. It doesn't look all that bad, but I found it a pain to use, for a product that claims it's easy. A traditional wax I just wipe on and wipe off immediatly, with a sealant I wait 10 min but NXT (a sealant not a wax) removes much easier. I followed the directions waiting 5min and it was more than 50% still wet. Maybe this really needs to be used in the sun to be more effective. This was done in a climate controlled garage.

As a trim dressing-

I know there's not a lot of plastic on the Fusion but for around the mirrors it really looks good. Wipe on/wipe off. Hopefully it will rain in the next day or so so I can find out if it gets the runs like all other solvent/water based dressings. I'll test in on some dried on wax in the next couple days. I picked up an account at other dealership where they fired the detailer. He litterally waxed the entire vehicle so there's lots of dried wax on cars to try it out on.
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