Turn-on wire for an amp.

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Hi people.

I have one amp installed in my car for my subs, it was professionally installed. I didn't want to do it, because I would have had to go thru the carpet and etc, so I wanted a pro to do it. Came out great.

Now I am confident I can do this one, because I won't have to go thru that mess. I am putting this amplifier in the engine bay of my Fusion. You guys are going to call me crazy, but it's a small amp. For those with the 4 cylinders, you will know of this spot where I am putting it. I am putting it on top of my windshield washer fluid container.

Which is just big enough for this amp, the only concern I have is the belts, which are like 5 inches away. That is why I am bolting down this amp GOOD. question is. Can I install a remote turn on wire somewheres else besides connecting it to the radio. Can I somehow route the wire to the fusebox? Idk, just I want to get power whenever I turn the key on, but don't feel like going to the radio.
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Dude thats a big NO NONONO lol. dont install an amp under the hood of ur will definitly overheat from the engine and blow up lol.
haha that sounds cool....can u try to repost that pic plz cause its not showing up in ur last post.
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