Turbo 2.5

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So I found a how to video on how to turbo my 2.5l 2010 Fusion SEL and he includes links to every part he used/ill need!!!

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I saw that video and looks cool, but...
You knew there was a but, ha.
He had like 3 extra engines sitting around and mentions it's his second or 3rd attempt, even saying something about blowby/piston rings on a previous one. So you might want to build an exta 2.5 to drop in and not your daily if your work commute depends on it .
But if you do id be intrigued to see how it works.
Looks good so far!
you mind posting some details about the build?
I'm interested in what parts and prices? Are you tuning the ECU?could you put a pic of the intake piping?
Im thinking about this if the price is reasonable and the reliability (i know) is decent.
I thought a battery relocation to trunk might be needed but cool to see you didn't have to.
In the picture it looks like you have a vacuum tube hooked to what's now the 'pressure' pipe? I thought that had to go before the turbo along with the MAF?
Are you recirculating or atmosphere?
Just thought i'd see how it's going. Hope everything is working out okay.
For the first time a saw links below the original video, lol. I can't claim to be tech savvy obviously
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I'm also confused about the 1 comment. I have the 6F35 and we all know it has limitations, in fact i'm getting mine replaced with a remanufactured because 196k miles and the 2-3 flare, reverse bump, etc. Not all the time but since flywheel has teeth chewed might as well.
His is the 6M so i thought he'd be in better shape....
As a side note and 20 plus years tinkering, modding, and breaking cars I will say this. There are definitely 2 groups on this forum; "how much hp can I?", and "don't, it's not worth it and you'll break it" so the truth is both groups are right. We aren't dealing with 2JZ that can handle 600hp stock internals. Basically every mod is a trade of in something else, HP in reliability, handling in comfort and so on. That being said why not? These are 1.5g CD3s, there not collectors, they're aging out and if you got 200k miles like me, practically no resale value. We're wrenching on what we can afford and whats fun, motors and trans are easily available (have you seen the popularity of the 2.5 in England or the USDM miata swaps?) Ive owned mine long enough to see most go to middle agers to their grandkids. If they introduce a group into the hobby why not, they'll learn. Ive built engines till the tranny bombs(i'm looking at you wrx) and ive had 500hp car that could never hook, its life and part of the game. Point is if we could be building R34's or 454SS i'm sure we would, but nothing wrong with building a fusion. Yes you'll never get your money out of it and new minivans and electrics will probably gap you but that's not really what its about.
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