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FORD: 2006 Fusion
LINCOLN: 2006 Zephyr
MERCURY: 2006 Milan

Some 2006 Fusion, Milan and Zephyr vehicles built before 8/2/2006 may exhibit a small power steering fluid leak at the line attachment areas of the rack or the pump.

Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition.


Replace the banjo bolt and the two (2) sealing washers following Workshop Manual, Section 211-02 using the service kit.
One (1) kit is used for one (1) joint (either pump or gear).
Joint must be torqued with a hand torque wrench to 35 lb-ft (47 N-m) for pumps, 41 lb-ft (55 N-m) for gears. This new banjo bolt has a higher torque rating to achieve a higher clamp load.
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